How to eat Keto – Day 2- 21 days Low Carb Challenge

Hello, and Welcome to another What I eat in a Keto day of my 21-day challenge!

On the second day of this challenge, I woke up pretty hungry and with a huge craving for pizza. That’s why I decided to make a lower carb version for one of my favorite food in the world. You can find the recipe for the low carb pizza here.

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The 61 names of sugar – Read the food labels for hidden sugar

You should always read the ingredient list on the back of the product to make sure it doesn't have any hidden sugar.In a low carb diet, you eat meats, full-fat dairy, vegetables, nuts and healthy oils. You can find here a more detailed list of the allowed foods.What I want you to be aware of is that not only desserts and pastry products contain added sugar. About 74% of the packages foods that we are regularly buying from the store contain added sugars. If you aren't eating desserts or grain products, you may still go over the limit with...

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54 Best Low Carb Snacks – Ultimate List

​I love snacking! We all love snacking!Being on a Ketogenic diet or low carb diet might seem pretty restrictive regarding snacking. Most people wonder on what they can snack without bringing lots of extra carbs to their diets. This post will give you a list of great snacks that are low in carbs.Some studies that link constant snacking to weight gain. I only agree with this idea if your daily snacks consist of croissants, pastry products, sugary drinks, potato chips. Try to replace those highly processed foods with some of the low carb snacks listed bellow. 1. Nuts ​A...

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How to make low carb skillet pizza in just 10 minutes?

Pizza it’s one of the most loved foods over entire world. But, we all know that pizza it’s not a great choice while trying to keep carbs levels down.  What can we do if we crave a cheesy slice of pizza and we don’t want to ruin our diet? Well, we adapt the original recipe to our current low carb lifestyle. This pizza is a great craving killer, since the crust it’s almost similar with the real one, only healthier and super easy to make. It will take you, only 10 minutes to create this great pizza that can be...

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How to eat Low Carb – Day 1- 21 days Low Carb Challenge

Let me tell you that I’m so excited for this new project I’ve started. I want to rediscover a new me, a positive one that can do anything. That’s why I’m starting by changing the way I eat. I try to eat cleaner, healthier and forget about the carbs. It will take time and a lot of motivation, but I’m ready to give it all! I also, want, to help others accomplish their goals, losing weight without feeling like dieting by sharing my journey, my failures, insecurities and successes. We are a great community with the same goals and...

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