Let me tell you that I’m so excited for this new project I’ve started. I want to rediscover a new me, a positive one that can do anything. That’s why I’m starting by changing the way I eat. I try to eat cleaner, healthier and forget about the carbs. It will take time and a lot of motivation, but I’m ready to give it all! I also, want, to help others accomplish their goals, losing weight without feeling like dieting by sharing my journey, my failures, insecurities and successes. We are a great community with the same goals and we want to change!

 As I already said I want to make eating low carb a forever lifestyle.  I’m not the best of always staying motivated and on track, so I’ve created a Facebook group called Low Carb Challenge – Low Carb Recipes. This is a group for sharing thoughts, motivation, positive ideas, low carb recipes and weight loss support. Fell free to join if you need encouragement to stay focus and to find peace in low carb eating.



What rules should I follow during this 21 days Low Carb Challenge?

The rules to follow in this 21 Days Low Carb Challenge are simple. But what’s more important it’s changing our lifestyle forever.

Low Carb Challenge Rules


First of all, I’ve calculated my Macronutrients  and calories, that I’m allowed to have over the day, using this calculator! There are there major Macronutrients, that our body need in order to work properly.


I opted for eating 30 g of carbs per day because eating in the range on 20-50 carbs per day has many health benefits. It’s also the perfect amount if you want to lose weight fast and enter in ketosis easier.

[highlight color=”yellow”]Here are the results of daily macros :[/highlight]

21/F/5’10” | CW 159 | 25% BF | Mostly sedentary

* 1556 kcal Goal, a 10% deficit. (944 min, 1729 max) * 30 g Carbohydrates * 72 g Protein (72 g min, 119 g max) * 128 g Fat (60 g min, 146 g max)


I’ve always struggled with food, followed tons of boring and unstainable  diets that only harmed myself rather that make me healthy and happy. I’ve tried every possible diet on this Planet: low fat, low calorie diet, grapefruit diet and much more. All those diets claimed that you will lose 15 or 25 pounds in seconds with just eating what they say in those plans. This is just not possible.

You have to change your lifestyle to a healthier one in order to lose weight for ever. Always make the right choices and eat the correct portion size for you. But, we are all human, we have feelings, emotions, different needs and cravings. A low carb diet it’s really easy to sustain, you can eat almost everything excepting some food groups. It’s easier for me to think about the foods that are forbidden, that aren’t low carb because the list of foods that are allowed becomes infinite.


[highlight color=”red”]FOODS THAT ARE NOT ALLOWED:[/highlight]

  • Wheat, Grains and any derived products like bread, cake and pastry.
  • Starchy Vegetables like potatoes, yams, peas, corn, dried beans etc.
  • Most fruits
  • Margarine ( hydrogenated fat)
  • Cashews

No Cheating Low Carb


I’m really happy to start my 21 days LOW CARB Challenge with all my group members that are doing it with me. I want to wish you to stay motivated and be happy with this lifestyle change that is starting right now. I think that the results will be amazing and we won’t cheat.


So, let’s begin the first day of low carb eating. 


Today I had a pre breakfast. I served a low carb drink, full in healthy fats, BulletProof coffee. I love how it tastes and it gives me a boost of energy and clarity. To make it, I used 1 cup of coffee 10 g of coconut oil, 10 grams of grass fed butter and 20 grams of full fat, no sugar whipped cream, all mixed up intro this delicious coffee with my hand blender.

Low carb BulletProof Coffee

For breakfast I had scrambled eggs made in some butter and 3 little homemade  burger patties. Plate looks messy but it’s amazing.

Low Carb Breakfast

Here are the macros for my breakfast:

Breakfast Low carb macros

I’m trying to introduce more vegetables into my diet because they are super healthy and nutritious. For lunch I’ve made a huge portion of spinach with eggs.

Low Carb Lunch

Spinach is a superfood, full of vitamins, low in calories, low in carbs and has a lot of fiber. Spinach is a great side dish for almost everything and brings fiber which is lacking in a low carb diet. After having this meal I was so energized, no surprise that it was Popeye’s favorite source of energy.

How I made my  Low Carb Spinach side dish?

Well, I took some frozen spinach, put it on a pan and on the stove. I added a bit of water and let it defrost and simmer for like 10 minutes. After that, I’ve added 2 tbsp full fat sour cream. Bring it to a boil. Of course, I’ve added salt, pepper, a bit of garlic powder (be aware it has a lot of carbs), and some chili powder because I love to eat spicy!

Here are the macros for my amazing lunch:

Lunch Low carb macros

For my snack I had two slices of beautiful bacon and half an avocado for extra fat, fiber and delicious treat. There is no need to say how healthy avocado is and how much I love to eat it! This snack was super filling

Low carb snack bacon avocado

Also, the macros for the snacks I’ve had over this first low carb lifestyle change:

Snacks Low carb macros

And it’s time to present you my absolutely delicious dinner. Some beautiful pork steak topped with some butter and some sugar free pickles for extra crunch. I eat pickles for their salt content, that gets easy lost while eating low carb and makes you sick. This sensation only lasts for a few days and it called “keto-flu”, one of the most common symptoms. Here are some quick remedies.

low carb steak dinner

Low carb steak butter

Here are the macros for my dinner:

Dinner Low carb macros

And the macros for the day:

Totals Low carb macros

For drinks, I had plain water and tea.

Weight loss is not complicated as long as you are really positive about it!

I did not workout today, but tomorrow I will start a workout program at home! I don’t have a gym membership!

I declare this first day successful. I feel so motivated!  

Hope you also had an amazing day! How was your first day?