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The place where I share with you everything that I eat in a day. Simple keto daily meals to reach ketosis, lose weight and improve health. I don’t say it will be easy. But trust me, YOU can do it because the only limit is your imagination! Eat the right foods and feel better. The keto way of eating provides a lot of satisfaction both mentally and physically.

3 day keto meal plan
If you stumbled up this page and you are new to the low-carb diet concepts, I find it useful to get you through the basics of a keto diet before going straight to the 3-day meal plan that I prepared! What is a Ketogenic Diet?A well-formulated ketogenic diet consists of eating healthy high-fat foods, moderate protein to your needs, and...
Behind me creating a keto meal plan that accelerates your fat loss and heals, it's my desire to show the world that losing weight can be made an enjoyable way while consuming healthy food.I had an unhealthy relationship with food since I was 14. Restricting, binging, restricting, purging. Constantly hating my body and comparing my self to all my friends or models....

About me

Hello! My name is Ioana, my greatest passion of all time is nutrition, and I believe that food can heal. I've struggled for years with self-confidence and body issues. I'm here to provide you mouthwatering keto and low carb recipes along with great advice to help you get the best results out of being in a state of ketosis.