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Ketogenic diet is the most delicious way to lose weight and become a healthier person. Keto recipes & tips for a better version of yourself. All you need to know about ketosis, what keto foods to eat and avoid.

keto free printable fat and protein approved
Beginning the ketogenic diet might seem overwhelming, but having a list of all the keto approved foods on hand will simplify your journey.The key to success in a keto diet is to be prepared. Use the printable keto allowed food list and create keto meal plans. Being organised will help you stay on track, reach your goals faster and...
How to track progress on a ketogenic diet five ways
You may find yourself in the situation where you are doing everything right, hitting the perfect ketogenic diet macros, exercising 5-6 times a week, keeping the carbs at a minimum range to reach deep nutritional ketosis but still not getting the results you want.The scale’s going up and down and you feel like you’re going nowhere and all you...
ultimate low carb snacks list
I love snacking! We all love snacking! Being on a Ketogenic diet or low carb diet might seem pretty restrictive regarding snacking. Most people wonder what they can snack without bringing lots of extra carbs to their diets. This post will give you a list of great snacks that are low in carbs. Some studies that link constant snacking to weight...
Absolute Beginner Keto Course Chapter 2
It is now time for the Chapter 2 of the Absolute Beginner Keto Course the support group].The Absolute Beginner Keto CourseChapter 1. What is a Ketogenic Diet? What is Ketosis? Chapter 2. What are macros and how to count them? Optimal macros for fat loss Chapter 3. How to set MyFitnessPal for keto & NET Carbs Chapter 4. What should I eat? The complete Ketogenic...
Absolute Beginner Keto Course
You are here because you probably heard about the free course I am hosting in my Facebook group called the Absolute Beginner Keto Course .If you just want to learn all about the keto diet and how you can implement it in your life for the best results, make sure you subscribe to our community. This course has the...
3 day keto meal plan
If you stumbled up this page and you are new to the low-carb diet concepts, I find it useful to get you through the basics of a keto diet before going straight to the 3-day meal plan that I prepared! What is a Ketogenic Diet? A well-formulated ketogenic diet consists of eating healthy high-fat foods, moderate the protein to your needs,...
Givaway Low Carb Spark
Are you looking for a way to improve your health and shred body fat with a keto diet? Or maybe, you are ready to take a challenge and get yourself into the best shape of your life? All this is possible now because we launched the ACCELERATED WEIGHT LOSS & HEALING KETO MEAL PLAN.  HOW OUR KETO PROGRAM WORKS? 1) You will...
Keto Kitchen Tools
In this blog post, I want to show you some of the tools that I think are essential for you on a keto diet. Given the fact that in a keto diet we should eat more real, unprocessed food, that means more cooking and meal prep. Invest in high-quality products that will make the cooking process faster. Here are...
11 Reasons you are not losing weight in Keto
An important part of a weight loss journey is realizing that it won't happen overnight as it requires dedication, motivation, and effort. But, after a few weeks of months of sticking to a healthy low carb/ keto diet your scale decides to stop moving. Not seeing results may become frustrating and overwhelming. Here are a few tips & tricks that will...
Low-Carb fruits list allowed on keto diet
All the doctors recommend eating fruit to lose weight. They've told us to eat 2 portions each day. Well, fruit is healthy, has lots of health benefits, but it's also really easy to overeat it. And those 2 portions become 10 without even realizing.So, the point is that fruit has carbs. And in keto or low carb diet you...

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Hello! My name is Ioana, my greatest passion of all time is nutrition, and I believe that food can heal. I've struggled for years with self-confidence and body issues. I'm here to provide you mouthwatering keto and low carb recipes along with great advice to help you get the best results out of being in a state of ketosis.
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