Can You Drink Alcohol on a Keto Diet? 

Can I Drink Alcohol On A Keto Diet?

You will be glad to find out that you may enjoy alcohol and still see great results even if you are on a keto diet, but some criteria need to be followed.  So you need to be careful about the amount of alcohol you consume and what type it is.

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There are a variety of keto-friendly wines and champagnes to choose from. The trick is to select dry wines, which contain very little residual sugar after fermentation and therefore are low in carbohydrates. 

It’s no secret that many beers are high in carbohydrates, making them inappropriate for anyone on a keto diet.  Because the number of carbohydrates in different brands and types of beer varies greatly, you should check out the nutritional values of your preferred lager online before drinking it.

Most clear liquors (vodka, whiskey, gin, scotch, brandy, rum, and tequila) have 0 grams of carbohydrates and sugars on their own, making them keto-friendly when consumed in moderation.

Although there are many low-carb, keto-friendly alcoholic beverages on the market, it doesn’t imply you should drink them daily. Even low-carb alcohol has a lot of calories but little to no vital elements like protein, fiber, vitamins, or minerals.

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