Many people following a keto diet also seek low-carb alternatives for their favorite foods, including oat fiber. So, is oat fiber keto? Keep reading this post to find the answer and other information about oat fiber. 

What Is Oat Fiber?

Oat fiber is a great source of insoluble fiber derived from the outer layer of oats. In addition, it’s low in calories and carbs that can be added to many foods to help increase their fiber content without significantly changing their taste or texture.

Is Oat Fiber Keto?

Yes, oat fiber it’s a keto-friendly product that can be easily included in your meal plan and keto recipes.

Nutrition Facts For Oat Fiber

– Calories: 10 – Total fat: 0g – Total carbohydrates: 6g – Dietary fiber: 6g – Protein: 0g – Net carbs: 0g

Benefits Of Eating Oat Fiber

– It creates a feeling of satiety. – Prevents constipation. So those who suffer from constipation can consume oat fiber to eliminate it and prevent it in the future. ..and more

How To Use Oat Fiber In Your Diet?

Add oat fiber to your smoothies: Add a tablespoon of oat fiber to your favorite keto smoothie recipe to increase the fiber content.

Use in keto baking: Oat fiber can be added to baked goods such as pound cake, muffins, and pancakes to replace some of the flour in the recipe with oat fiber for best results.


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