If you’re looking for easy recipes with simple prep that are equally delicious, then you’ll love this collection of over 15 keto crockpot recipes.

What Is A  Crock-Pot?

Crock-Pot is a device that allows you to cook food at lower temperatures than in the case of the classic methods of cooking, frying, simmering, etc. 

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How Does It work?

Crock-Pot was designed as an electric slow cooker. The food is placed in the cooking pot of the appliance, after which the device is switched on and will be ready in a few hours, depending on the stage chosen and the food you want to cook.

Health Benefits Of Using An Crock Pot

-  The slow cooking method ensures the preservation of nutrients in food. -  Due to the long cooking time, the dishes acquire an intense flavor.

Common Ingredients For Keto Crockpot

Protein – Cook about any of your favorite proteins, from chicken, beef, pork, to seafood. Vegetables – essentials in all my favorite healthy slow cooker recipes.  Herbs and Spices  I use dried herbs and spices for extra flavor in most of my crockpot recipes.

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