Corn is one of the most popular and versatile ingredients used in many delicious recipes or used to create corn syrup and corn starch. But here comes the question: Is Corn Keto? 

What Is Corn?

Corn is a cereal native to Central America and grown in many parts of the world today. It has a tall, thick, unbranched stem with long, sharp, pointed, rough leaves.

Reasons To Avoid Corn

1. Although corn does not contain gluten, it is as irritating to the intestinal mucosa as foods containing this substance. 2. Corn can not be completely digested in the body as it contains cellulose. The digestive system does not have enzymes that can completely break down cellulose.

Keto Substitutes For Corn

Corn Extract – You can easily replace it with other keto vegetables that are tasty as well, like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. – If you want to make a dessert that requires corn flour, you can replace it with superfine almond flour.

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