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Are you wondering if you can enjoy the sweet taste of honey on a low-carb keto diet? Well, reading this post, you will find the answer and some of the best replacements.

can you eat honey on a keto diet

What Is Honey?

Honey is a natural sweetener that tastes great, has many possible benefits, and it’s called “liquid gold”. 

But since you are on a keto diet, you must know that honey has high sugar content.

Is Honey Keto-Friendly?

Unfortunately, honey isn’t keto-friendly due to the fact that it is high in calories and carbohydrates. Just one tablespoon of raw honey contains over 17 grams of carbohydrates, with 16 carbs from sugar.

Honey is one of those high-carb sweeteners that can’t be used in a keto diet.

Will Honey Kick Me Out of Ketosis?

Honey is not keto-friendly, but will it kick me out of ketosis? 

While eating just a tablespoon of honey won’t kick you out of ketosis, it is super easy to overindulge and lose all the progress. I recommend avoiding honey while on a keto diet to allow the body to burn fat as fuel instead of sugars.

Keto Honey Alternatives

keto honey alternatives

Other Honey Substitutes

Although we know that honey is not a keto-friendly food, the good news is that, aside from honey, there are a variety of low-carb sweeteners to choose from. Here are some of the best honey alternatives that are perfect for a keto diet:

  • Stevia – In keto, stevia it’s a fantastic honey alternative. It is classified as a non-nutritive sweetener because it contains neither calories nor carbohydrates.
  •  Allulose – Allulose is one of the best keto alternatives for honey. It’s a sweetener that doesn’t have an impact on blood sugar.
  • Monk fruit sweetener – One of the best sweeteners available on the market.
  • Erythritol – A popular artificial sweetener that is used in recipes to replace sugar and honey. It’s not as sweet as the honey, but you can use 3/4 cup of erythritol for every 1/2 cup of honey.

How Much Honey Can I Have on a Keto Diet?

To remain in ketosis, try limiting yourself to just one or two teaspoons of honey per day. It really depends on how strict is your keto diet. Some people can have honey on a cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD) or Targeted Ketogenic Diet (TKD) while staying in ketosis.

is honey keto friendly

Types Of Honey

Honey’s aroma, color, texture, and aroma depend on t\he bees’ plants collecting nectar. The best-known honey varieties are Rapeseed, Acacia, Lime, Sunflower, and Polyflora. However, there are also rarer varieties such as Coriander, Raspberry, Mint, or Mana.

There are hundreds of flowering plants in the world that produce nectar, allowing you to have hundreds of types of honey.

Craving sweets? No worries, I’m a dedicated keto desserts blogger and I love sharing tons of sugar-free keto desserts that taste incredible! I really hope you’ll try some of them soon and let me know what you think in the comments below.


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