Hi! My name is Ioana, and I run the lowcarbsark.com recipe blog. I’m an engineering student, but my biggest passion is learning how to live happy and healthy. ABOUT US LOW CARB SPARK

In 2012 I discovered the low carb way of living and became very passionate about it.
I love to create and test low carb recipes. Recently I’ve become more interested in food photography, and I dedicate a right amount of time to studying and improving my skills.

When you start to feel good, and your skin is glowing then you truly understand the benefits of eating unprocessed, low in sugar foods.

The way I started was utterly wrong. The information I was getting wasn’t right nor complete. I began to do more research on my own and learn many things about the ketogenic diet and what I should’ve eaten to get all the benefits. The answer was simple: eat REAL FOOD and listen to your body. I finally find what’s perfect for my body and my mind with the ketogenic way of eating.

On this website, you will find simple and affordable keto diet recipes, low in sugar meals. I always test and improve the recipes before posting because I want to make sure that you (my reader) won’t waste expensive ingredients creating a recipe that is less than perfect.

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I love getting news from my readers! My biggest reward is to see you trying my recipes.

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