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These muffins are incredibly easy to make and can be made with foods that you already have at home. Mix some eggs, bacon, and veggies of choice. Season with your favorite spices bake and voilà you have amazing breakfast muffins that you can actually eat in every moment of the day.  Eat them for breakfast with some butter on...
Keto Secret Ingredients to Get coffee to another level

Keto Secret Ingredients to the best Coffee Ever

  I’m a coffee lover. I always added sugar, cream and sugar loaded flavored syrups. Since I started keto diet, I wasn’t allowed to add anything that could make my coffee taste...
11 Reasons you are not losing weight in Keto

11 Reasons you are not losing weight in Keto

An important part of a weight loss journey is realizing that it won't happen overnight as it requires dedication, motivation, and effort. But, after a few weeks of months of sticking to...
ultimate low carb snacks list

54 Best Low Carb Snacks – Ultimate List

I love snacking! We all love snacking! Being on a Ketogenic diet or low carb diet might seem pretty restrictive regarding snacking. Most people wonder on what they can snack without bringing...

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I was looking for something to replace my bread. Since I'm on keto, I'm not allowed to have any bread to make sandwiches. So I've looked...

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Guacamole is a healthy keto dip that tastes divine, and it takes so little time to prepare and by the Aztecs in what is now...

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