Are Cranberries Keto?

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Cranberries are super popular during fall, and you’re wondering if they are allowed to eat on a keto diet. Learn if cranberries are low in carbs and what are the best keto cranberry recipes.

are cranberries Keto Friendly

Are cranberries keto-friendly? If you’re following a keto diet or thinking about it, you’ve probably wondered whether you can enjoy these tangy little berries. The keto diet gained popularity for weight loss and potential health benefits but requires careful food choices. In this guide, we’ll examine cranberries, their nutrition, and whether they fit into a keto lifestyle. So, let’s discover if cranberries can be a part of your keto journey.

What are Cranberries?

Cranberries are tiny, thick, round, red fruits with a bitter and sour taste that are rarely consumed raw. Cranberries are a popular nutritional powerhouse that are often consumed in the form of sauce or dessert.

These nutritious berries are low in calories and sugar, with only 50 calories and 4 grams of sugar per cup, especially when compared to other fruits.

Cranberry Nutrition Facts

According to the USDA website, 1 cup (100 grams) of raw, unsweetened cranberries has the following nutrients:

  • Calories: 46
  • Water: 87%
  • Protein: 0.4 grams
  • Carbs: 12.2 grams
  • Fiber: 4.6 grams
  • Net Carbs: 7.6 grams
  • Sugar: 4 grams
  • Fat: 0.1 grams

Are Cranberries Keto-Friendly?

Certainly, yes. Fresh Cranberries are keto-friendly, so you can eat them as they are or include them in some delicious keto recipes. While 1 cup of cranberries provides 7.6 grams of net carbs, you can still enjoy them in moderation.

How To Incorporate Cranberries Into a Keto Diet

If you want to include cranberries in your keto diet, here are some ideas for incorporating them:

  1. Fresh Berries: Add a small amount of fresh or frozen cranberries to keto-friendly smoothies, desserts, or salads for a burst of flavor and nutrients.
  2. Cranberry Sauce: Make a homemade cranberry sauce using keto-friendly sweeteners like erythritol or stevia instead of sugar. This can be a great addition to your keto holiday meals.
  3. Keto Cranberry Desserts: Explore keto-friendly cranberry dessert recipes, such as cranberry almond bars or low-carb cranberry muffins, that use almond or coconut flour and sugar substitutes.
  4. Cranberry in Keto-Friendly Drinks: Create keto-friendly cocktails or mocktails using unsweetened cranberry juice and keto-friendly sweeteners.
  5. Trail Mix: Make your own keto-friendly trail mix by combining dried cranberries (with no added sugar) with nuts and seeds.

Can I Have Cranberry Juice On Keto?

Most commonly available cranberry juices are high in sugar, making them unsuitable for a keto diet. You can opt for unsweetened cranberry juice, but it should still be consumed in moderation because it contains carbs.

Are Dried Cranberries Keto-Friendly?

Most dried cranberries in stores are sweetened with added sugars, making them high in carbs and unsuitable for keto. Look for dried cranberries with no added sugar if you want to include them in your diet.

a bowl with red cranberries

While prepared cranberry products often include added sugar, cranberries themselves are naturally low carb fruit. 

In conclusion, avoid cranberry juice, canned or dried cranberries that are loaded with sugar, and opt for fresh or frozen cranberries.

Benefits of Cranberries

Cranberries are known as a superfood for a reason: they offer several health advantages since they are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Here are a few reasons why you should include these fruits in your meal plan: 

  • Prevents urinary tract infections – Proanthocyanidins, which are abundant in cranberries, have powerful anti-infection effects as a study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology states.
  • Prevents tooth decay – When consumed regularly, cranberries may help you combat the pathogenic effects of dental caries and enhance your overall oral health.
  • Strengthens bones and teeth – Cranberries contain calcium, which is excellent for your bones. It makes them more powerful and healthier.
  • Cranberry extract for different types of cancer – Cranberries includes polyphenolic chemicals, which have been shown to combat various cancer-related malignancies.
  • May Contribute To Heart Health – Some studies suggest that cranberry juice or extract may be beneficial in some different heart diseases risk factors. It may increase the levels of good HDL cholesterol and lower bad LDL cholesterol in people with diabetes.

Keto Cranberries Recipes

Choose fresh cranberries over sweet dried and canned types when making cranberry recipes. Unlike dried cranberries and juices, fresh or frozen cranberries are naturally low in sugar and nutrients, high in vitamins, and free of GMOs.


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