Are Tomatoes Keto? Carbs in Tomato

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If you’re following a ketogenic diet but are wondering if tomatoes are allowed, you are in the right place. Keep reading to find out how many carbs are in tomatoes and how many tomatoes you can have. Finally, we’ll share some of the best keto recipes with tomatoes!

tomatoes on a keto diet

Are roasted tomatoes with a dash of salt part of your ideal breakfast? Perhaps a cherry tomato would add a nice pop of flavor to your salad, or your scrambled eggs require the addition of fresh salsa. But at the same time, you are following a keto diet, and you don’t know exactly if tomatoes are allowed or not? We are here to help you. Read this article until the end, and you will have an answer to all your questions.

What are Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable. Fruits, on average, contain 20 to 25 grams of sugar per serving. On a ketogenic diet, this quantity of sugar would be your whole daily carb allowance, which is why we limit most fruits.

Are Tomatoes Keto-Friendly?

Yes, tomatoes are keto-friendly. According to the USDA, a half-cup serving of tomatoes has 4 grams of carbohydrates and two grams of sugar. Thus, tomatoes are a great keto food since they have a low net carb count. They’re also unprocessed and rich in fiber.

How Many Carbs are In Tomatoes?

The water content of a tomato is 95 percent. This is why raw tomatoes are not just low in calories but also low in carbohydrates.

100g Raw Tomato, according to the USDA Food Composition Database, contains:

  • Total Carbs – 3.89g
  • Fiber – 1.2
  • Net carbs – 2.69g
  • Total sugars – 2.6g
  • Protein – 0.88g
  • Fat – 0.20g
can you eat tomatoes on a keto diet

So, depending on the size of the tomato, they have less or more carbs:

  • a medium tomato (123g) has 4.78 grams carbs, 1.48 grams fiber, 3.3 grams net carbs;
  • a large tomato (182g) has 7.08 grams carbs, 2.19 grams fiber, 4.89 grams net carbs;
  • 1 cup sliced or chopped tomato (180g) has 7 grams carbs, 2.16 grams fiber, 4.84 grams net carbs;

Are cherry tomatoes low carb?

Cherry tomatoes are ideal for those following a ketogenic diet. The nutritional and carbohydrate content of these tomatoes is comparable to regular tomatoes. On the other hand, salads created with them are juicier, crunchier, and taste better than those produced with regular tomatoes.

1 cup of cherry tomatoes has only 3.89g of carbs.

Are grape tomatoes keto?

Grape tomatoes are tinier than cherry tomatoes and have a more long-form than cherry tomatoes. These tomatoes have a thicker peel, reduced water content, and lower sugar levels. As a result, grape varieties have one of the highest carbohydrate contents in tomatoes, at 6 grams.

Is Tomato Sauce Keto?

The issue with tomato sauce is that most commercial brands are loaded with sugar. Sugar may be found in canned tomato and marinara sauces, pizza sauce, and even chopped tomato cans. Always read the nutrition labels thoroughly and keep an eye out for hidden sugars. 

Are Tomatoes Low Carb?

If you’re on a low-carb diet, tomatoes are allowed to you. They are also moderate in calories and high in vitamins and minerals.

Tomatoes have fewer carbohydrates than other vegetables on the keto diet, such as:

  • Kale – With 4 grams of carbohydrates, kale beats both tomatoes and spinach. Kale may be added to salads, used as a pasta substitute, or baked into chips.
  • Cauliflower – Only 2.9 grams of net carbohydrates are added to your diet by a whole cup of cauliflower, making it a top option on the Keto diet list.
  • Cabbage – Cabbage has a net carb content of three per 100 grams. When sautéed with spices and butter, this veggie becomes extremely tasty.
low carb tomatoes

Benefits of Eating Tomatoes

  1. May Prevent Heart Disease – Low blood levels of lycopene and beta-carotene were associated with a greater risk of heart disease in a study of middle-aged males. 
  2. May promote a Healthy Vision – They aid in preventing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and ultraviolet damage.
  3. Skin Protection – Because of their high amounts of lycopene and other plant components, tomatoes are beneficial to your skin’s health. Regularly eating tomatoes may even help protect your skin from UV radiation and sunburns.

Our Favorite Keto Recipes with Tomatoes

Tomatoes and keto are a match made in heaven. Check out some of these fantastic keto tomato dishes:

  1. Easy Italian Caprese Salad – It’s quick and easy to make, bright but delicious, and naturally low in carbs.
  2. Tomato and Mozzarella Pesto Caprese Skewers
  3. Easy Authentic Pico de Gallo – It’s essentially a less liquidy salsa with excellent taste and freshness that pairs nicely with just about anything.
  4. Crispy Keto Chicken Parmesan – this recipe features crispy pan fried chicken breast and then baked in a delicious tomato sauce.
  5. Pizza Stuffed Chicken
  6. Quick and Easy Keto Shakshuka

Incorporating Tomatoes Into Your Keto Diet

Here are some tips on how to incorporate tomatoes into your ketogenic diet:

  1. Fresh Tomatoes: Opt for fresh, whole tomatoes rather than tomato-based products like ketchup, tomato sauce, or canned tomatoes. These processed products may contain added sugars and higher carb content.
  2. Use Tomatoes Sparingly: Be mindful of portion sizes when using tomatoes in recipes. A small amount can add flavor and nutrition without significantly impacting your carb intake.
  3. Pair with Fats: To make tomatoes more keto-friendly, pair them with healthy fats. For example, drizzle olive oil or add avocado to a tomato salad to increase fat content.
  4. Include in Salads: Tomatoes can be a great addition to salads, which are generally keto-friendly. Combine them with leafy greens, high-fat dressings, and protein sources like grilled chicken or salmon for a satisfying meal.
  5. Monitor Your Carb Intake: Keep track of your daily carb intake to ensure you stay within your keto macros while enjoying tomatoes.

Are There Any Keto-Friendly Tomato Products Like Tomato Sauce Or Ketchup?

Many commercially available tomato-based products like ketchup and tomato sauce contain added sugars, which can significantly increase their carb content. It’s advisable to check product labels for added sugars and choose options with the least carbs, or consider making keto-friendly tomato sauces.


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