40 Ground Chicken Recipes

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These 40 ground chicken recipes are really easy to make and tasty. They’re just right for you if you’re watching your carbs. From delicious dishes to special treats, they’re packed with flavor and quick to make. So, get ready to cook up a storm and enjoy these delicious chicken recipes!

40 Ground Chicken Recipes

So get all your favorite low-carb ground chicken recipes in one convenient spot! With our collection of 40 quick and easy ground chicken recipes, you’ll find quick and tasty options perfect for any meal. From juicy chicken meatballs to flavorful lasagna and flavorful burgers, there’s something here for every craving.

Reasons to Make Ground Chicken Recipes

  • Healthier Option
  • Versatile
  • Flavorful
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Quick and Easy
  • Family-Friendly
  • Nutrient-Rich
  • Adaptable to Dietary Restrictions
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
  • Meal Prep Friendly

Can I Substitute Ground Chicken With Other Types Of Ground Meat In These Recipes?

Absolutely! While these recipes are specifically designed for ground chicken, you can often substitute ground turkey, beef, or pork to suit your preferences.

Are These Recipes Suitable For Meal Prep And Freezing?

Most of these ground chicken recipesrecipes are great for meal prep and freezing. Look for tips and instructions within each recipe for the best way to store and reheat leftovers.

Ground Chicken Nutrition

The nutritional value of ground chicken can vary slightly depending on factors such as the cut of meat and any added ingredients. Here’s a general overview of the nutrition value of ground chicken per 100 grams (3.5 ounces), cooked without added fat:

  • Calories: Approximately 165 kcal
  • Protein: Around 25 grams
  • Fat: About 7 grams
  • Saturated Fat: Approximately 2 grams
  • Carbohydrates: Less than 1 gram
  • Fiber: None
  • Sugars: None
  • Cholesterol: Around 85 milligrams
  • Sodium: Varies depending on the preparation

Remember that these values are approximate and can vary based on factors such as cooking methods, seasoning, and specific cuts of meat. It’s always a good idea to check the nutrition label on ground chicken packaging for the most accurate information.

Keto Chicken Meatballs

Keto Chicken Meatballs
Ready in just 20 minutes, these keto chicken meatballs are the best gluten-free and low-carb recipe for a snack or quick meal. So learn how to prepare the best juicy chicken meatballs using only a few healthy ingredients and enjoy them with your favorite sauce or side dish.
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Dill Pickle Chicken Fritters

Dill Pickle Chicken Fritters 8
These Dill Pickle Chicken Fritters are crispy, cheesy, and loaded with flavor! Think fried pickles + cheesy chicken, and that gives you a good idea of how amazing these easy chicken fritters are!
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Simple Baked Cheesy Italian Chicken Meatballs.

Simple Baked Cheesy Italian Chicken Meatballs 1
These Simple Baked Cheesy Italian Chicken Meatballs are best for cold fall and winter nights when you want easy comfort food at home. All mixed in one bowl, these meatballs come together easily and are so flavorful. This dish is warm, saucy, cheesy, and so amazing. Add some crusty bread or pasta on the side for a delicious hearty meal. Perfect as a simple family dinner. Yet equally great as an appetizer for upcoming holiday entertaining.
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Chicken Meatballs Alfredo

Chicken Meatballs Alfredo
This Chicken Meatballs Alfredo recipe is ready in under 30 minutes. Perfect for meal prep, learn how to make the best moist, tender, juicy chicken meatballs that are smothered in a creamy and delicious Alfredo sauce.
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Asian Chicken Meatballs

Asian Chicken Metballs 3
Asian Chicken Meatballs are an easy healthy appetizer or dinner that’s ready in less than 30 minutes and covered in a homemade glaze.
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Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs

chicken teriyaki meatballs 1.jpg
Chicken Teriyaki Meatballs made with lean ground chicken, quinoa, and a healthy homemade teriyaki sauce all in less than 30 minutes.
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Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs 2 1
Eating the keto way does not been you have to give up your favorite foods! Even though we love wings on keto, I like to change it up a bit with these keto buffalo chicken meatballs!
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French Onion Chicken Meatballs (Low Carb & Gluten Free)

French Onion Chicken Meatballs OT half pan
These French Onion Chicken Meatballs are flavorful, hearty, and crazy delicious!  Tender, juicy, low-carb, gluten-free, homemade chicken meatballs simmered in a French Onion sauce, topped off with a combination of Havarti and Gruyère cheese. This chicken meatball recipe is going to be your new favorite appetizer!  
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Zero Carb Chicken Crust Pizza – Keto & Low-Carb

chicken pizza crust recipe
This Chicken Crust Pizza Recipe has almost zero carbs and it's super easy to make, loaded with protein. It's delicious topped with tomato sauce, cheese, perfect for a quick low carb meal. Season to taste and add the best low carb pizza toppings.
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Ground Chicken Meatloaf

Ground Chicken Meatloaf
Learn how to make a delicious and moist Ground Chicken Meatloaf. Made with tender ground chicken mixed with savory seasonings and topped with a sweet and tangy ketchup glaze, this chicken meatloaf recipe is perfect for a comforting and satisfying dinner.
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Keto Chicken Meatloaf Cups

keto meatloaf cups 3.png
These Keto Chicken Meatloaf Cups are one of the easiest Low Carb Dinners I've ever made! Want to add some extra flavor? Wrap them in bacon!
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Chicken Egg Roll in a Bowl

egg roll bowl 2 scaled 1
Easy and flavorful Chicken Egg Roll in a Bowl that comes together in under 20 minutes packed with so much flavor!  Perfect healthy weeknight dinner served over rice and garnished with green onions and sesame seeds.
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Gluten Free Orange Chicken

Gluten Free Orange Chicken Paleo AIP 2
This easy Gluten Free Orange Chicken is paleo, AIP, and so good! This recipe uses ground chicken which is tossed in a delightfully tangy and sweet orange sauce that comes together in 20 minutes for an easy, quick and delicious meal. 
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Firecracker Ground Chicken

Firecracker Ground Chicken Featured Image 1536x1024 1
This 20-minute firecracker ground chicken is the perfect low carb, high protein meal prep recipe. Each serving has 22 grams of protein, 0 grams of carbs, and just 185 calories. It’s super easy to make and goes perfectly with rice or cauliflower rice. Or you can get creative and use it to make things like lettuce wraps or a veggie stir fry with noodles.
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Ground Chicken Tacos (low carb, Keto, Paleo, Whole30)

IMG 3956 1536x2048 1
It’s so easy to turn taco seasoning and ground chicken into these Ground Chicken Tacos! Add your favorite toppings and wrap in tortillas or lettuce wraps. This quick and easy dinner is ready in less than 30 minutes.
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Asian Chicken Wraps

Asian Chicken Wraps
These Asian chicken lettuce wraps are full of juicy ground chicken and crunchy veggies, all wrapped in a crisp piece of lettuce. They hit the perfect balance of sweet, savory, and spicy. Plus, they’re ready in just 20 minutes. They're easy, healthy, and might just become your new favorite meal.
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Chicken Parmesan Zucchini Boats

Chicken Parmesan Zucchini Boats 4
Stuffed zucchini boats filled with the flavors of chicken parmesan. This low carbohydrate, high protein meal will leave you feeling satisfied!
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Cream Cheese Chicken Stuffed Peppers

chicken stuffed peppers
These Cream Cheese Chicken Stuffed Peppers are the perfect answer to a busy weeknight! The peppers are stuffed with a creamy chicken mixture that’s naturally low carb and always a hit with my kiddos!
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Easy Chicken Enchilada Dip

chickenenchiladadip bakedbyrachel 4
Easy skillet chicken enchilada dip. A crowd pleasing party appetizer with a spicy kick!
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The BEST Zucchini Lasagna Recipe (low carb!)

Low Carb Zucchini Lasagna 5
A healthy, low carb zucchini lasagna with layers of cheese, fresh herbs and a  flavorful turkey meat sauce. This easy, no-noodle zucchini lasagna recipe is packed with veggies & protein and isn’t watery like some zucchini recipes. It’s guaranteed to be your new favorite freezer-friendly, lightened up comfort food!
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Keto Cheddar Ranch Chicken Burgers with BBQ Cream Sauce

DSC 0206 1
These light and healthy burgers are made with ground chicken and have a keto-friendly sauce! Keto cheddar ranch chicken burgers are so easy to make that you’ll want to make them instead of beef burgers. 
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Easy Air Fryer Chicken Burgers

air fryer chicken burgers 9
Quick and easy air fryer chicken burgers are super juicy, flavorful, and made without eggs or breadcrumbs. These healthy and keto chicken patties take 15 minutes to air fry. The perfect meal prep lunch and weeknight dinner!
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Greek Chicken Burgers

Greek Chicken Burger New
These super fast and fresh Greek Chicken Burgers are made with wholesome ingredients that are stuffed with all the Greek Flavors we love!  Grill indoors our out, with buns or bunless!
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Keto Chicken Pot Pie

keto chicken pot pie 24
This Keto Chicken Pot Pie is low-carb dinner that has a crispy flaky crust with a creamy filling. Just like your classic chicken pie but without all the carbs!
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Ground Chicken Casserole

Ground Chicken Casserole 3 1.jpg
Ground chicken casserole is perfect for weeknight dinners and low carb meal prep alike — so turn on that oven and let’s get baking!
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Buffalo Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes

Keto Buffalo Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes 12.jpg
Slide into summer with this easy and healthy Sloppy Joe recipe! Packed with protein and flavor, these keto Buffalo Ground Chicken Sloppy Joes are perfect for a quick dinner or game day party. Plus, they’re so versatile you can customize them to your liking. Give them a try today!
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Chicken Bolognese

Chicken Bolognese Sauce
This Chicken Bolognese recipe is a hearty, delicious pasta meal that will give your weeknight cooking authentic Italian flair. The best part, you ask? This herby recipe comes together in 40 minutes, and its ground chicken pasta sauce is perfect for freezing (hello, easy meal prep!)
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Spicy Hearts of Palm Noodle Stir Fry with Ground Chicken

Sambal Spicy Noodles with Turkey 7
This quick and easy, Spicy Hearts of Palm Noodle Stir Fry with Chicken is made with ground chicken, ginger, sesame oil, hoisin sauce, and sambal oelek – under 15 minutes!
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Spicy Ground Chicken Stir Fry

ground chicken stir fry 1 1053x1536 1
This spicy ground chicken stir fry recipe is a quick weeknight meal with a kick! It has a tasty Asian-inspired sauce that’s made from scratch along with fresh vegetables.
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Low Carb Chicken Burrito Bowls

Chicken Burrito Bowls 16.jpg
These Low Carb Chicken Burrito Bowls are the perfect weeknight meal! Juicy chicken, charred peppers, and spicy guacamole make these bowls beyond delicious!
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Keto Chicken Chili Recipe

keto chicken chili portrait
Colder days and nights may have you tempted to pull out your favorite chili recipe. But not all chili recipes work for keto. Make this keto chicken chili recipe to safely spice up your dinner routine!
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Italian Wedding Soup

italian wedding soup photograph.jpg
Italian Wedding Soup is a delicious and comforting soup made with bite sized chicken meatballs, vegetables, and tiny pasta such as orzo or acini de pepe. It’s a soup the whole family will love!
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