15 Easy Breakfasts with Over 30 Grams of Protein

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Kick off your day with these 15 super easy high-protein breakfast recipes! Each one has more than 30 grams of protein to keep you full until lunchtime.

15 easy breakfast recipes with over 30 grams of protien

We all know breakfast is more than just a quick cup of coffee. It’s about choosing meals that fill you up and give you energy. Protein is the magic ingredient for a satisfying breakfast.

Our healthy high protein breakfasts list includes everything from tasty green smoothies to delicious breakfast casseroles and protein pancakes – all low carb and full of flavor. These recipes are not just loaded with protein (over 30 grams!) but are also super simple to make. Get ready to make your mornings brighter and stay strong until your next meal with these protein-packed breakfasts!

Is Breakfast Important?

Totally! Breakfast is like the hero of meals. It wakes your body after a night’s sleep, giving it the energy boost it craves. It’s the fuel that gets you going. Skipping breakfast can leave you feeling slow and low on energy by mid-morning. Eating a good breakfast keeps your body going and puts you in a good mood for the whole day. So, yeah, breakfast is a big deal!

Why We Should Eat Protein For Breakfast?

Eating protein for breakfast is a good idea because it helps keep you full and provides the energy your body needs in the morning. Protein also plays a role in building and repairing muscles, which is important for overall health. Including protein in your breakfast can help prevent overeating later in the day and give you a steady energy boost. Eating protein in the morning helps you stay full and gives you the energy you need for the day ahead.

Foods That Are High In Protein 

  • Eggs: A versatile and excellent source of protein, perfect for any meal.
  • Chicken Breast: Lean and versatile, a great protein source for any recipe.
  • Shrimp: Low in fat and calories but high in protein and flavor.
  • Turkey: A lean protein that’s versatile for meals beyond the holiday table.
  • Salmon: Packed with omega-3 fatty acids and protein, making it a healthy choice.
  • Beef: Choose lean cuts like sirloin or ground beef for a high-protein option.
  • Greek Yogurt: Creamy and rich in protein, ideal for breakfast or snacks.
  • Cottage Cheese: A low-fat choice that’s surprisingly high in protein.
  • Cheese: Various types of cheese offer protein along with flavor.
  • Tofu: A plant-based protein source suitable for many types of diets.
  • Nuts and Seeds: Snack on almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, and flaxseeds for a protein boost.
  • Avocado: While known for healthy fats, it also provides some protein.
  • Bacon: Made from cured and smoked pork belly, bacon is a delicious and popular ingredient that is also high in protein.

Keto Berry Smoothie

Keto Berry Smoothie 8
Need an easy low carb breakfast option? This sugar free keto smoothie is packed with protein, naturally gluten free, and an easy start to the day!
Check out this recipe

The Best Low Carb Protein Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie 4
A healthy and delicious Low Carb Protein Green Smoothie made with cauliflower, zucchini and spinach. This thick and creamy smoothie is packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats for a nutritious drink that’s great for an on-the-go breakfast or post-workout fuel.
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Keto Chia Protein Pudding

Like Hot Keto High Protein Overnight Chia Pudding Recipe Matcha 2x3 1.jpg
The humble chia pudding, star of the overnight breakfast, now adapted into an easy and delicious high protein keto recipe! Use basic ingredients that you already have in the pantry to transform your pedestrian protein shake into a fantastic, creamy bodybuilding delight!
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Protein Pancakes Recipe – 40 Grams of Protein!

protein pancakes 21
A protein packed stack of pancakes that have no oats, no bananas, no blender needed, and this protein pancakes recipe is gluten-free, keto and low carb!  Can you believe they have 40 grams of protein and only 300 calories?
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Protein “Anabolic” French Toast with 50g Protein

Anabolic French Toast.jpg
This entire plate contains 50g of protein, and there is no protein powder required! No matter what type of bread you use, or what you decide to top it with, French toast never disappoints.
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Protein Waffles Recipe – 41 grams of protein!

protein pancakes 200
This actually crispy protein waffles recipe only use 4 ingredients and packs over 40 grams of protein! Use protein powder along with simple ingredients to make these delicious and healthy waffles in less than 10 minutes.
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Bacon and Asparagus Frittata

asparagus and bacon frittata
Asparagus and bacon are perfect partners to make a hearty and wholesome breakfast that everyone will love. Sprinkle cheese over the top for added flavors if you like.
Check out this recipe

Keto Breakfast Casserole

breakfast casserole slice
Eating a nutrient-dense breakfast, loaded with protein and healthy vegetables will give you energy. This breakfast casserole recipe makes 6 servings, meaning that you have breakfast ready for the whole week or you can share it with your family.
Check out this recipe

Denver Omelette (AKA Western Omelette)

denver omelette 06
Everybody loves ham and cheese in everything right? Just throw in some more goodies, crack some eggs and voila… a tasty scrumptious feeling to start the day.
Check out this recipe


mexican breakfast bowls 4
Paleo Mexican Breakfast Bowls are a high protein low carb breakfast and veggie packed; it’s a healthy breakfast sure to please all Mexican food lovers! 
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Keto Mexican Bowl

low carb keto mexican bowl recipe
This Keto Mexican Bowl is a delicious, low-carb breakfast option, but it’s perfect for any meal of the day. It’s filled with fresh and colorful veggies, hearty flavored beef meat, cheddar cheese, and sour cream. You will love this healthy Mexican Bowl that is perfect for a busy day and can be made with their favorite toppings.
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savory cottage cheese bowl
If you're looking for a high protein breakfast or lunch idea, this savory cottage cheese bowl is just the thing! It comes together in less than 10 minutes, has all easy steps and is topped with lots of veggies and seeds to get those healthy vitamins!
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Keto Cottage Cheese, Egg And Sausage Frittata

keto cottage cheese egg sausage frittata feature.jpeg
This protein-packed keto cottage cheese, egg and sausage frittata is the perfect recipe to prepare in advance for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack! Simply bake in advance, store in the fridge and reheat in the microwave as needed. It’s perfect for your weekly meal prep!
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Easy Keto Breakfast Sandwich

keto breakfast sandwich
This easy keto breakfast sandwich is one of the meals I love to take with me at work. This sandwich is extremely low in carbs, very macro friendly and easy to make. Delicious cheesy eggs, juicy sausage patty, avocado are united to form an outstanding no-bread sandwich.
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Steak And Eggs

Steak And Eggs
Learn how to make the best steak and eggs breakfast recipe in only 20 minutes using only a few ingredients. Just imagine a tender and juicy steak served with perfect fried eggs; it's the best breakfast recipe ever!
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