Keto Kitchen Tools that I Use and Love

In this blog post, I want to show you some of the tools that I think are essential for you on a keto diet. Given the fact that in a keto diet we should eat more real, unprocessed food, that means more cooking and meal prep. Invest in high-quality products that will make the cooking process faster. Here are a few of the keto gadgets that I discovered over the last few years and are my ultimate favorites. 

1. Slow Cooker

Getting a slow cooker helps me to cook larger quantities of meat, vegetables or something sweet without staying hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. I think this is the best investment ever made and I recommend getting one. Trust me, your life will change.

2. Spiralizer

Ideal for making zucchini noodles which are a great replacement for pasta. This tool will help you reduce plenty of carbs from your diet, but still to enjoy your favorite pasta recipes

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3.Hand Immersion Blender

I use this product almost daily to make cauliflower mash, different cream soups, homemade mayonnaise and sometimes to make low carb smoothies and butter coffee. I’ve got this band because it has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon and it does its job.

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4.  Digital Kitchen Scale

A scale’s indispensable in a keto kitchen. Great for the accurate weight of foods. Either you are making a recipe or counting your macros, a food scale it’s the most important tool for portion control. The biggest mistake that people are making in keto it’s eyeballing what they are eating, but you need to be precise to be successful. Take a look at this product, which it’s the best.in my opinion and also has a lot of great reviews,

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5. Milk Frother

I love to use the milk frother to whip the whipping cream for my coffee or for my fast low carb desserts. It makes whipped cream in seconds. I also use it to mix my butter and coconut oil in my bulletproof keto coffee because it’s the easiest too to clean. It’s very helpful and you can make a cappuccino or your favorite lattes in the comfort of your home with the ingredients you trust.

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6. Egg Slicer

I use this product for more than just slicing my eggs. It slices my cheese, butter, tomatoes & pepper evenly for omelets, avocado for snacks.  Having one in your kitchen is great.

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7. Lunch Box

Having my meals ready for the week it’s a key for keeping me on track with my keto diet. Great for meal prepping so you don’t have an excuse to cheat.

I use this boxes Chef’s star and I think they are literally the best. I can use the multiple times, DISHWASHER (top rack) & MICROWAVE SAFE.

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8. Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Testing Kit

The most precise way to find out if you are in ketosis, it’s by measuring blood ketones. Ketosis is a state where your body starts using fat for fuel, instead of glucose. To get all the health benefits of a ketogenic diet for fat loss and mental clarity, you should aim for nutritional ketosis.

Nutritional ketosis is defined by ketones ranging from 0.5 to 3.0 mM. 

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9.Abbott Precision Xtra Ketone Test Strips

This are the ketone test strips that you need for testing your blood ketones. The only inconvenient it’s that they are a little pricey, but if you want to know for sure you are on the right track, I suggest getting a few of them and test your blood ketones from time to time.

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10. Avocado Slicer Tool

All-in-one tool splits, pits, and slices avocados safely and efficiently. It will save you a lot of time & effort if you are eating avocado often. And I’m sure you do because it’s a super nutritious food.

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11. Regular Mouth Jars

I use jars to make my overnight chia pudding to eat in the mornings, for breakfast and I can take it with me to enjoy at work too. I also store my homemade salad dressings or spices in them.

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12. Cool Water Bottle

If you are not a fan of drinking water, like me, find a nice looking bottle to motivate to drink more and more. Carry it around with you, all the time. I bet, you will be drinking more water if your bottle looks nice.

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13.  Chart and Soul Magnetic Meal Planning Calendar and Grocery List Chalkboard

This product’s so useful and will help you achieve your goals faster. One of the advice that I give to my clients that are a part of my low carb coaching plans, it’s to plan in advance. This way you will not only stay on the right track and feel less tempted to eat foods that are not allowed, but you will save money and time.
Hundreds Of Studies Agree – Organizing Meals Helps Long-Term Weight Loss and Promotes Healthy Eating Habits!

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14.Pro Vegetable Chopper

I use this vegetable chopper a lot, saves me a significant amount of time. My eyes do not hurt anymore from cutting onions. I love using it to make my salads.
I’m not a fan of chopping, but now I just lay the vegetables on top, push down firmly, and done. Even size pieces every time. It’s also easy to clean up.

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15. Vitamix Blender

Investing in a high-quality blender it’s one of the best things you can do. I use it to make nut butter which I enjoy so much. Also great to make cream vegetable soups, smoothies, low-carb ice cream. It’s powerful and easy to use.

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16. High-quality knife

It’s a life savior, especially when cutting larger pieces of meat. No need to use extreme force as the blades are very sharp and the knife itself has great balance and is very comfortable to use. It’s a fantastic product.

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17. Nonstick frying pan

A nonstick frying pan it’s very useful when it comes to keto cooking. You will make some delicious low carb pancakes using it. I also love to make keto crunchy cheese low carb chips. I use it daily, so for me having a good nonstick frying pan, it’s a must.

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18. Ice Cream Molds

The ice cream found in the stores, even the ones that are low carb labeled contain lots of ingredients that are not so healthy, and most of them, not keto approved. I prefer making my own ice cream using high-quality food sources like organic yogurt, berries, coconut milk, cocoa powder.

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19. Non-stick Chocolate, Jelly and Candy Mold

I use the molds to make fat bombs. Get creative!

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20. Silicone muffin pan

I use this mostly to make breakfast egg muffins or mini brownies that are great to eat as a snack.

21. Salad Spinner

Using it all the time to wash & dry my leafy greens for the salads. Totally an excellent product that I recommend.

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22. Silicone Baking Mat

Very practical for every low carb baking recipe. I’m using a silicone baking mat for keto cookies, keto pizza and much more. Nothing ever sticks to it.

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I hope you found at least one product that looks interesting and could help with your keto-adaptation.

What are the products that you would love to buy in the next period?


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