The Best Keto Bread Recipe

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This keto bread recipe is a lifesaver! It’s so simple to make with just almond flour and a few other ingredients. It’s the best low carb bread that’s perfect for sandwiches and has just 2g net carbs per slice. I love that I can freeze it, too.

slices of keto bread on a wooden boars

I understand how challenging it can be to find a delicious, keto-friendly white bread recipe that actually tastes good and is edible. If you’re in search of a low-carb, gluten-free bread that’s perfect for sandwiches, you’ve come to the right place.

During my keto journey, I’ve experimented extensively to create the perfect low-carb bread recipe. After numerous trials with almond flour, I’m excited to share what I believe is the best keto bread recipe. This bread doesn’t have an overpowering eggy flavor and won’t crumble easily.

On this blog, you’ll find other amazing keto bread recipes I’ve developed using almond flour. The low carb bagels and the ultra-quick, 90-second bread (which can be made with coconut flour, too.) have been particularly popular. These recipes are not only fast to make but also use common keto pantry items.

Both of these are super quick to make and require ingredients that are easy to find and a staple in every keto kitchen. However, not everyone loves baking with almond flour, so I shared my cloud bread recipe that’s light and fluffy.

Is Bread Keto?

Traditional bread is not keto-friendly due to its high carbohydrate content. A typical slice of white bread contains about 14.3 grams of carbohydrates, which is too high for a ketogenic diet that focuses on very low carb intake.

However, there are keto bread alternatives made with low-carb ingredients like almond flour and psyllium husk powder, which significantly reduce the carb count, making them suitable for a keto diet. The exact carb content of keto bread can vary depending on the recipe and ingredients used.

texture of keto bread with almond flour

What is a Keto Bread?

Keto bread is a type of bread specially designed for those following a ketogenic diet. Unlike traditional bread made with high-carb wheat flour, keto bread uses low-carb alternatives such as almond flour and psyllium husk powder. These ingredients help create a bread-like texture while keeping the carb count low.

In addition to these gluten-free flour substitutes, keto bread often incorporates healthy fats like coconut oil, butter, or olive oil. These fats not only add to the bread’s flavor but also align with the high-fat intake recommended in a ketogenic diet.

This keto bread recipe allows you to enjoy bread without deviating from your keto goals. It can be sliced and used just like regular bread and tastes fantastic. Plus, you have the option to customize it with your favorite spices to enhance its flavor.

So, if you’re on a keto diet and missing bread, this keto bread is a great substitute that lets you enjoy the taste and texture of traditional white bread, but with ingredients that fit your low-carb lifestyle.

keto bread replacement 20 slices no eggy taste

Ingredients Needed

To make a keto friendly bread recipe, you’ll need just a few basic ingredients. The five ingredients in this keto bread recipe consist of almond flour, whole eggs, psyllium husk powder, melted butter, and coconut oil. There’s also a touch of salt, baking powder, and stevia drops needed in this recipe.

keto bread ingredients

The ingredients are common, and you can find most of them at any grocery store. I’m always on the quest of finding low carb flours on sale.

To replicate the texture of real bread and make it low carb, I used almond flour and psyllium husk powder.

Most keto bread recipes online use xanthan gum or cream of tartar. I tried all the versions and got the best result using psyllium husk powder. 

Each slice is delicate and airy, just like real bread. This classic keto loaf of bread rises very well; it’s fluffy and delicious without unwanted carbs and gluten.

Here’s a note on the ingredients:

  • Almond Flour – Choose super fine, blanched almond flour for a smooth, light texture. It’s less dense and less gritty compared to almond meal, ensuring a closer resemblance to traditional wheat flour bread. Almond meal can be used to make a delicious keto cornbread. DO NOT REPLACE with coconut flour as they are not a 1:1 substitute.
  • Psyllium husk Powder – This fiber-rich ingredient provides elasticity and airiness to the bread. Note that different brands might slightly change the bread’s color during baking, but this doesn’t affect taste or quality.
  • Butter – Unsalted butter is preferred for its rich, creamy flavor. It enhances the bread’s texture, making it more tender and delicious, especially when toasted.
  • Eggs – Make sure to use large room temperature eggs to avoid the eggy taste.
  • Coconut Oil – Adds a subtle sweetness and moisture, complementing the other flavors. It also contributes to the bread’s soft texture.
  • Baking Powder Acts as a leavening agent, helping the bread rise and giving it a light, fluffy texture. Ensure it’s fresh for the best results.
  • Stevia Drops – Optional for a slight sweetness. It’s a sugar-free sweetener, making it keto-friendly. Adjust according to your preference, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way.
  • Salt: Just a pinch to balance and enhance the overall flavor profile of the bread.

How To Make Keto Bread

The steps for making easy keto bread are basic, and you can’t go wrong:

how to make keto bread step by step instructions lowcarbspark

Combine the wet ingredients: Beat the eggs with a hand mixer for about 2-3 minutes or until fluffy. Add the melted coconut oil and butter and continue mixing.

Mix Wet and Dry Ingredients: Combine the wet ingredients with the dry ones (almond flour, psyllium husk powder, salt, baking powder, and stevia if using) until you get a slightly thick mixture.

a bowl with all the ingredients to make low carb bread
mixing the batter for low carb bread using a mixer

Bake: Pour the mixture into a greased loaf pan. Bake for 45-50 minutes at the temperature specified in your recipe. The bread is done when a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let it cool for a few minutes in the pan, then transfer it to a rack to cool completely.

how to make keto bread recipe pour the batter into the pan
baked keto bread in a glass loaf pan

Tips For Making The Best Keto Bread

There are many keto bread recipes online, but none of them tell you all the tips to get the perfect keto-friendly white bread for sandwiches. I will share a few secrets on how to achieve fantastic bread every time.

keto bread loaf recipe with almond flour

Bake Long Enough

If your bread is wet inside and tastes eggy, it’s probably because it needs to be baked longer. Always keep an eye on the bread and check with a toothpick to ensure that it’s baked well and all the moisture is gone.

That’s why we cook it for a longer time at a petty low temperature. To avoid this common mistake and get that bread perfectly cooked in the middle, continue baking even after the loop looks golden.

Use Room Temperature Eggs

It seems that using room-temperature eggs significantly reduces the eggy taste. The fastest way to bring eggs to room temperature is to place the eggs into a bowl and add warm (not hot) water.

Cool Down on a Rack Before Slicing

Cool the bread on a rack before slicing to ensure it cools down evenly and avoids being moist at the bottom. This results in perfect bread slices.

Use Refined Coconut Oil

I tried to make keto bread in the past with cold-pressed (virgin) coconut oil, and it gives the bread a coconut flavor that I am not a huge fan of. To avoid the specific coconut taste, I recommend using flavorless refined coconut oil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Bread Gluten-Free?

This keto bread recipe is entirely gluten-free because we are not using any wheat flour. Ensure that if you are using baking powder, you choose one that’s labeled as gluten-free.

Is this Keto Bread Paleo or Dairy-Free?

If you are following a paleo diet, there is a way to transform the keto bread recipe into a paleo compliant one.

All you have to do is replace the quantity of butter with the same amount of olive oil. Alternatively, you can use refined coconut oil (because it has no taste) instead of butter. This way, you get the best paleo bread that is also dairy-free.

Can I Substitute Almond Flour With Coconut Flour?

Yes, it’s possible to replace almond flour with coconut flour. Although the texture will be a little different, it’s worth a try. I also shared on the blog my favorite coconut flour bread recipe you can try.

For every 2 cups of almond flour, you can use just 1/2 cup of coconut flour. If the batter seems too thick, you may need to add a little more water to achieve the right consistency. Experimenting with this substitution can lead to interesting and enjoyable variations of keto bread.

keto bread in a glass pan

Can You Make Keto Bread in a Bread Machine?

If you have a bread-making machine, you should definitely try the keto bread using the bread machine. It will be way easier to make low carb bread.

One of our readers suggested adding one and a half tsp of yeast and one-half tsp of sugar (to activate the yeast). Mix the ingredients before adding them into the bread machine and use regular quick bake. The bread might not rise as much as the one baked in the oven, but it will still smell and taste amazing.

How To Store

  • Fridge – It’s essential to refrigerate this bread to keep it fresh for up to a week. Just wrap the whole loaf into parchment paper and slice when needed. Make sure the bread is completely cool before storing it.
  • Freezer – Are you wondering, “Can you free keto bread?”?. Yes, this keto bread recipe is freezer-friendly and can be stored in the freezer for a few months. Just slice it first, so it’s easier to grab one or two slices when needed without defrosting the whole loaf. Pop slices of keto-friendly bread in your toasted bread to enjoy a delicious slice.

More Keto Bread Recipes

slices of keto bread on a wooden boars

The Best Keto Bread Recipe

4.56 from 25 votes

Prep time 10 minutes
Cook Time 50 minutes
Yelds 20 slices


This keto bread recipe is a lifesaver! It's so simple to make with just almond flour and a few other ingredients. It's the best low carb bread that's perfect for sandwiches and has just 2g net carbs per slice. I love that I can freeze it, too.
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  • Preheat the oven to 375°F/ 180°C, and line a 9×5-inch loaf pan with parchment paper. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl crack the eggs and beat with a hand mixer for 2-3 minutes until frothy
    7 large eggs
  • Add the melted coconut oil and butter and mix for 1 minute.
    1/2 cup butter, 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • Mix in the almond flour, psyllium husks powder, baking powder, salt and stevia drops (optional) until all the ingredients are well combined.
    2 cups almond flour, 1 tsp psyllium husks, 1/2 tsp salt, 3 tsp baking powder, 6 drops stevia
  • Transfer the bread mixture to the prepared pan.
  • Bake for about 50 minutes until it gets a nice golden brown color. Use a toothpick to make sure the bread is cooked through.
  • Let it cool for about 10 minutes, then slice it and enjoy!



  1. Make sure you use the psyllium husks powder I linked in the ingredients list. I noticed that other brands make my bread purple or green. 
  2. Use room temperature eggs to reduce the eggy taste.
  3. Cook the bread long enough. It’s better to overcook the keto bread loaf, rather than undercook it. If the bread is moist inside and tastes eggy, it probably needs to be cooked for longer.
  4. Add a few stevia drops, not to sweeten the bread but to reduce the eggy taste. 
Nutrition Facts
Amount per serving.
Total Carbs
Net Carbs

How do we calculate the nutrition info?

These nutrition facts listed are determined using nutrition information from the USDA Food Database. Our nutrition facts are accurate, but if you are using different products, please make your calculations. Net carb count is calculated by subtracting both fiber and sugar alcohols because they don’t raise blood sugar.

Course Bread
Cuisine American
Keyword keto bread
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  1. I'm wondering, instead of the psyllium husks powder, would it work just as well to use either ground chia seeds? Or Garden of Life Raw Fiber? GOL Raw Fiber is a blend of many sprouted grains.

    1. 5 stars
      So, I gave it a go and tweaked a little by adding lots of seeds and sundried tomato. I’m not sure how it compares to others, but I noticed:
      1. It had no eggy flavour at all – I did the room temp thing and added some (granulated) stevia
      2. The texture was more eggy than I expected- like a light omelette but a tad firmer
      3. It handled my extra additions well in terms of the seeds and tomato being well-distributed through the loaf
      Next time, I’m going to try to reduce the egg and use flaxseed and maybe increase the baking soda, to aim for a heavier bread.
      If anyone has any tips, I’d be glad to hear them but grateful for this recipe getting me started on a keto / gluten-free loaf!

  2. At first you say the recipe call for Almond FLOUR, but then, you talk about using Almond MEAL.
    Please let us know which we are to use, thank you.

  3. Has anyone tried egg substitute or just using egg whites in this Recipe? Trying to cut chlor and carbs. Thx!

      1. I have made this Recipe about 30 times and I use a teaspoon of Xanthium gum because I have never been able to find the psyllium husk or psyllium husk powder anywhere near me and it taste great

  4. Would love to make this in my bread machine. Where can I find the directions for using my machine (i.e., same ingredients, cook time, etc)? Thank you.

  5. Hi I’m really trying to lose weight on the keto diet and am just starting out with this diet having lost 6lbs so far and want to carry on as I really do love this diet and find this is the best diet I’ve ever done or found a as it’s not really like a diet.its just brilliant.and every things.just great and fits so much.around it so I think it’s the best I’ve tried.as I’m never hungry all the time now as you get so much choice with it.and is never mundane it’s a really good and nice diet to do and you don’t find it.a real hardship to do it’s realitively pretty much simple to do.as with my other diet plans. I’ll definitely say goodbye to that regime.as it was nothing but hell on earth to do.so restrictive and so only thing it did do is start to make you constantly hungry and obsessing about food all the while wondering when you’re next meal is coming and you would want anything.where in the end you could not stick to it.as i found it very very hard to stick to.and just built you up to fail at it.and fail you did do on this diet.as that’s how that diet was designed to do.and this diet only builds bad eating habits in the long run.so I’m afraid to say that I won’t be shedding any more tears over that diet that diet.that diet is well and truly over now.and hello keto./as this diet is by far the best I’ve ever tried to do and eating is a absolute pleasure. There just no restrictions on it and no more hunger.as you just never think about food anymore.its just brilliant.to do I find it and so does my husband.we find it just brilliant to do and who ever in vented that diet is an absolute shear genius.thats what we think. We find it a real bonus not to keep thinking about food all the while.but yes we have got weight to lose but it’s gonna be a hell of a lot easier to do.than it used to be or before.as in the old days it was just shear hell for me to do or my husband as he absolutely hated all those other torturous diets.as he says this is by far the best one that he’s ever done or saw.he has been able to stick to it.as there’s just no hardship for us or to this diet and would wholeheartedly recommend this diet to anyone that wants a diet to do as it’s just the best.anyway thank you bye take care.

  6. Hi. How and what, if anything, should I adjust to try to make this in a bread machine?
    Your recipe looks simple and good with just the almond flour.
    I’ve had 0 success with the bread machine so far…expensive Cuisinart thing that’s just made soggy flat bricks and wasted my almond flour no matter what I try. I’m getting ready to send it back to Amazon.

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I would follow the instructions for your bread machine to make quick bread, since this is not yeast bread that requires rising.

  7. The Best Keto Bread says it has 139kcal. Using a converter, that means 139,000 calories! That hardly seems right. Please clarify.

  8. Hi Ioana,

    I have tried your brownie’s recipe twice already, as the family really loved them :)!!!
    I also tried the almond flour buns, however I am still getting the almond taste.

    I want to try this bread recipe now, however I am not sure if by replacing almond flour with coconut flour, will it taste more like coconut 🙂 ?
    Are there any way to make the almond taste less tense? Maybe try different almond flour brands?

    Thank you for making my keto diet a happy ride with your recipes :). Keep it up!

    1. Hi! I’m thrilled you all liked my keto brownies recipes. You could try another almond flour brand, maybe get some blanched almond flour. Completely replacing the coconut flour in this recipe will make it taste coconutty for sure. Maybe you could add some spices. Hopefully, it will turn out perfect for you!

  9. 5 stars
    Made this bread today and it is AMAZING!!! I let it cool for 20 minutes was still warm and had some chicken salad on it…yummmm. Held up well as a sandwich bread. Can’t wait to toast some with eggs tomorrow! Thank you for this amazing recipe!!!

  10. Can I use egg substitute and either all butter or half olive oil instead of coconut oil. I’m not keto but I am diabetic and I love the low carb keto recipies but I want to cut down on the fat as well. Please respond asap..thanks

  11. Hi Ioana! Can hardly wait to try your bread recipe tomorrow! My question is, what can I sub the coconut oil with? Cannot stand the flavor Of coconut in baked goods any more.

    Also looking forward to testing your bagel recipe!

    Thanks for loving recipe testing!

    1. Hi, Coby! You can use butter in place of coconut oil. If you try any of my recipes, let me know how they turned out 🙂

  12. Hi,
    Sorry to bother, I’m having trouble finding liquid stevia in store so I looked on Amazon but was overwhelmed with options. Pyure seems like a good option but it is described as Stevia extract. Is that similar to what you used? Any idea how many drops of that I would need as I think it is more concentrated?
    Otherwise I will keep looking for Pure Via brand to be in stock in-store.


    1. Update:

      It looks like Pyure brand is twice as sweet as Pure Vida brand. 😀 (1 squirt = 2 tsp sugar)

      Do you happen to know which brand you used?


      1. I haven’t used this brand. The stevia is used to neutralize the eggy taste. Add just a few drops of stevia. You can add 1 tsp of any low carb sweetener you have on hand.

  13. 5 stars
    This is the bread I have been looking for!!!! I love the taste and texture! No eggy mushy bread here. Great for sandwiches (doesn’t fall apart) and makes wonderful toast. I pan toasted a slice this morning, cooled it slightly, add a small dollop of strawberry whipped cream cheese, and finished with slices of strawberries….heaven. Bacon on the side finished it up. Thanks for sharing this recipe….it is going to be my go to forever bread! I am going to try different seasonings….cinnamon, rosemary, garlic, etc.

  14. 4 stars
    I recently started keto so I made your bread, it was satisfying and yummy. However turns out my digestion doesn’t like that many eggs or almond flour. What would you recommend to sub for most of the eggs (1 is ok) and all the almond flour to keep it keto friendly? Ty

  15. I normally suck all cake and bead recipes but this was so easy. It came out beautifully and tastes great!! I’ll definitely make it again..

    1. Oat fiber is a very fine powder with a high fiber content and low fat content, while almond flour is a nut-based flour with more fat and protein. As such, it may require some experimentation and adjustments to get the right texture and flavor. If you decide to try this substitution, it may be a good idea to do a small test batch first before making a full recipe to see how the result turns out.

  16. 5 stars
    I’ll try this another day that I’ll be confortable with flour nuts! I skeep it this time. Thanks for your great recipes Joana!

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