Easy Keto Caramel Sauce – 3 ingredients

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This easy keto caramel sauce recipe is super simple, completely sugar-free, made with only 3 ingredients. Learn how to make a luscious low carb caramel sauce that tastes like store-bought in less than 15 minutes. Only 1 g carbs per serving!

easy keto caramel sauce recipe

Nothing beats homemade caramel sauce that’s perfect on ice cream, keto cheesecake, coffee drinks like caramel frappuccino or keto pecan pie.. or simply eat by the spoonful. 

You guys, I can’t believe it’s already September. Can you believe it? I’m super excited for all things Fall: pumpkin recipes, family gatherings, and the holidays! We’re only 2 months away from Thanksgiving and 4 months until Christmas. How did this crazy year go by so fast? 

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keto low carb sugar free caramel sauce

Developing the Best Keto Sugar-Free Caramel

If you watched my Instagram Stories the last few days, you know that I tried for three days straight to get the perfect keto sugar-free caramel recipe for you. My first two tries were complete failures, and I guess it was due to high temperatures. Next, I tried to brown the butter first. The results were satisfying. The sauce is delicious, but it has burn butter pieces, and I wanted a completely smooth caramel without sugar. 

Finally, after I adjusted to measurements, temperature, and cooking time while testing different sweeteners, I made the best homemade sugar-free caramel sauce. 

pourable keto caramel sauce with sugar

Perfect Keto Caramel Sauce is:

  • Luscious, Smooth, and Creamy
  • Rich & Buttery 
  • Pourable
  • Foolproof
  • Sweet enough but not overpowering

Ingredients in Keto Caramel Sauce 

This easy recipe needs only 3 ingredients, whole ingredients in this easy recipe, and it takes just 15 minutes to make.

ingredients for keto low carb caramel sauce
  • Heavy cream – a key ingredient in any caramel sauce recipe.
  • Sweetener – I use this Brown Sugar Replacement with Allulose. It’s the best sweetener that replicates granulated brown sugar when making caramel without sugar. You can also erythritol-based sweeteners, brown sugar substitutes such as Sukrin Gold.
  • Butter – I recommend using unsalted butter.
  • Optional: Vanilla and sea salt to make keto salted caramel – while most keto caramel recipes require vanilla extract, I think it tastes incredible without it. 

How to Make Easy 3 Ingredients Sugar-Free Caramel Sauce

Making keto low carb caramel sauce is similar to traditional caramel sauce:

  1. Melt the butter and incorporate the sweetener.
  2. After the sweetener completely dissolves, add heavy cream.
  3. Reduce the heat and simmer for about 10 minutes or until the sauce is thick enough. 
keto caramel sauce instructions

How to Store Keto Caramel?

It’s best to store the low carb caramel sauce in the refrigerator for up to 2-3 weeks. As the caramel cools down, it solidifies, so you need to reheat it in the microwave or on the stove to make it pourable again. You can leave the caramel sauce at room temperature for a few hours to make it liquidy again without risking the oil separation. 

Keep in mind that when you reheat this sauce, the temperature should be super low—using a higher temperature will lead to the oils separating. 

How to Serve Low Carb Keto Caramel Sauce?

With little prep needed, this sauce takes any keto dessert to the next level. A special topping that will impress your friendly and family! I bet never will know it’s keto. 

Here are some fun and delicious ideas on how to serve this decadent sauce:

how to serve keto caramel sauce

How to Fix Your Sugar-Free Caramel Sauce?

To fix it (in case of oil separation), remove the caramel sauce from the heat, transfer it to a larger bowl, and allow to cool down slightly. Whisk vigorously to reincorporate the oil and make a smooth keto caramel sauce. Then, transfer the caramel into a jar or container. 

What’s the Best Sweetener to Use for Keto Caramel?

  • Allulose and xylitol are the best. The resulting keto caramel is luscious and sticky, with no thickener required. Plus, both sweeteners keep your caramel ultra smooth, and I didn’t experience any crystallization whatsoever with either.
  • Swerve Brown or any brown sweetener replacement. I discovered that using erythritol crystalizes the sauce as it cools down, but you can reheat it. 

Can You Freeze Caramel Sauce? 

Yes, that’s an option. When ready to serve, thaw it in the fridge overnight before serving. 

Carbs in Keto Caramel

Even that this sauce looks and tastes so indulgent, it’s made only with keto-friendly ingredients. A tablespoon of this keto caramel sauce has only 1g bet carbs!

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keto low carb sugar free caramel sauce

Easy Keto Caramel Sauce – 3 ingredients

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Prep time 2 minutes
Cook Time 12 minutes
Yelds 10 tablespoons
Author Ioana Borcea from LowCarbSpark.com


This easy keto caramel sauce recipe is super simple, completely sugar-free, made with only 3 ingredients. Learn how to make a luscious low carb caramel sauce that tastes like store-bought in less than 15 minutes.
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  • In a medium saucepan over low heat, melt the butter.
  • Once the butter is melted, add the sweetener and stir for about 3-4 minutes or until it is completely dissolved.
  • Add the heavy cream and reduce the heat. Continue to stir occasionally for about 10-12 minutes or until the mixture is thick enough to coat the bottom of a spoon.
  • Transfer the caramel sauce to a bowl and using a whisk incorporate 2 tbsp heavy cream.
  • (Optional) – To make keto salted caramel add 1 tsp salt and mix to combine.



If you want to make a larger quantity of caramel sauce, it can take longer to cook and get that shiny brown color. If you double the recipe, it can take about 20 minutes to go through step 3.
Nutrition Facts
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  1. 5 stars
    Absolutely WONDERFUL! I had a strange craving for caramel and found this recipe online. I am so glad I stumbled on this one. I put it on berries. My husband used it on carrots. He has no idea that it’s ketogenic. It really IS that rich, sweet and tastes great!

  2. I’m so grateful for this recipe. So many other keto caramel recipes call for allulose and my stomach can not handle the allulose. I Love Caramel and cannot wait to make this.

  3. I made the sauce, cooked it for 10 minutes, thought it was ready but came out runny. I think maybe I did not have the heat hot enough not wanting to burn it. The taste is wonderful and will make again. Thank you

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