Hello, and Welcome to another What I eat in a Keto day of my 21-day challenge!

On the second day of this challenge,  I woke up pretty hungry and with a huge craving for pizza. That’s why I decided to make a lower carb version for one of my favorite food in the world. You can find the recipe for the low carb pizza here.

You can enjoy pizza without feeling guilty in less than 10 minutes! For only three carbs, I had a huge skillet pizza. Use my recipe to have this delicious pizza; you can add any toppings you like. Be careful to correctly count your macros, based on the ingredients that you are using. I couldn’t eat it all in one stand, and I kept one slice for a later snack.

Breakfast Low Carb

Here are the macros for my breakfast:

day 2 low carb challenge breakfast

As I was not very hungry at lunch time, I only had this small bowl. I had some sour cream, chia seeds, and some walnuts.

lunch low carb day 2


Chia seeds are a very nutrient dense food that I try to incorporate into my daily meals. One of the most amazing thing about chia seeds is that all the carbs are fiber.

I love to keep my meals simple, so for my keto dinner, I chose to eat steak, eggs, and veggies. My food obsession lately is Brussel sprouts. I can eat them at any meal cooked in any form. Tonight I chose to saute the Brussel sprouts in a generous tablespoon of grass-fed butter. I added some hot sauce on top of my scrambled eggs for more flavor. Be careful that most of the sauces at the store have added sugars. Read labels and make sure that SUGAR it’s not one of the ingredients.

keto dinner low carb

This is what I usually eat in a day. For lunch, I would rather have a salad or a creamy bowl of soup, but that requires going groceries.

Why don’t I want to snack anymore?

I’ve been following a keto diet for a few years now. Lately, I’ve noticed that most of my carbs are coming from my snacks. I can quickly go over my carb limit just by eating a few snacks like nuts, cheese or my favorite 2-minute mug brownie. I also can’t live without my dark chocolate which I consider a diet savior. This may not seem like a lot of food, but it comes down to counting the total carbs for the day it’s always a greater number than only 20g carbs. I want to encourage myself to have only 2-3 bigger meals a day. This way the food will be digested properly and what I think it’s most important it’s that I won’t constantly be thinking what to eat next.

In conclusion, I declare this a SUCCESFUL KETO day. Let me know if you like this kind of posts where I show you my daily keto meals, my struggles and my successes.

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